About Me

I grew up in Northern California in the small town of garberville as a youngster i was amazed at how much the area truly has to offer walking accross Huge redwood trees laying down in the forrest covered in moss and the amazing swimming holes as a kid not sure i really knew then just how much this northern California has when your young you kind of take these things for granted , but now as an adult i look back and realize just how great the area is.I have spent my life enjoying the amazing Landscape,Recreation,Wildlife and sites of the Greater Oroville Area with a Lake that boasts 163 miles of shoreline to explore to the Feather River which winds its way through the area to Table Mountain which is full of wildflowers and much much more this place has something for everyone and its what i have come to love about my life here with my family , join us and enjoy this great place to call home with your family too. 

If you would like to find out more about my background in real estate, please contact us now at (530) 532-9900